Gifts and crafts design services

Crafters and gifters are launching very nicely on digital means – where transaction fees are minimized and you don’t own the customer relationship. That can be sad news when your sales spike means less revenue in the short-term and much less recursive business in the long-term. Now it's time for gifters, crafters, and non-profits to make a lot of money and better engage their customers. As the audiences for these chunks are the most engaged in the industry! Lets see e-commerce brands are more online today and well into the future by growing customer long term value. Start selling your special items on your own, branded site now!

Art and Craft Available You'll find a wide range of art and craft supplies. Different options for fine art, from paper, brushes, Acrylic paints, watercolor, pens... to knitting needles, crochet, yarn, wool, skeins and more. Workshops You can join our workshops in art (acrylic, watercolor, pen and ink, mixed media, sketching, craft, decoupage), crochet, story, knitting, and craft, baking and more. Available workshops are as online sessions and in person sessions for individuals and groups (children and bigger ones). Gift Wrap Our most 'Creative' corner at 'Be Impressive' - The gift-wrap segment.... Get gift wrapped (bought here or elsewhere too!) with details of your choice. Select from three categories : SSS- Simple, Stylish and Sophisticated. Gift-wrapping always adds that special butterflies to the moments!!! !


#Gifts + Flowers + Decor + Cake = elements for a Thoughtful Celebration! We'd love to have you visit us not just to buy gifts, but to give time at our place and celebrate your special life's moments. Since these years, many of you have asked to bring the 'Be Thoughtful' experience to your space. We are finally here!!!!! Flowers, decor, gift hampers, food, balloons, personalized with care....we bring them all where you'd like to celebrate in Bangalore! Gifts and gift hampers delivery available for pan India. Also we coordinate and host virtual events: gifts, food, props…all included!! How an API Helped Online Growth 1000% You'll find powerful API's. BigCommerce is especially so. Here’s how Amazon, Flipkart, Meesho, etc leveraged ecommerce APIs to automate and scale to be among the fastest growing online retailers in the World.

You can check out these beautiful gifts and crafts websites:-

  • Moonlight Feather Moonlight Feather is fully an online retailer of feathers and feather products. As the company has no retail presence ,we thought that it was our top priority to give customers a joyful and easy to navigate experience. has achieved that. The website gracefully portrays the company’s products, video and blog content.
  • CARE Here we were trying to transform the traditional e-commerce model into make in kind donations that is useful to people, and allow to ‘gift’ a donated item for another buy tying together an ‘ecard’ system that develops a custom card with their custom message utilizing a webhook over to my server the next order is processed. The best thing I have ever heard!!