Branding is a perception an individual gets of the product or a company as they receive it. It gives an impression of the way the person thinks about that product, company, and organization.

Importance of Branding
The brand is the way to communicate your character, qualities, and image to the world. Effective brand value is influenced by cultural, political, and technological.
Five Important elements of Brand

1 . Brand promise
A promise is what differentiates the brand from others in the category. It also builds credibility and perception.
2 . Brand position
Positioning your brand is the key to consumer engagement and it is the most important way in which you can use the brand to make a positive impact on the market.
3 . Brand Personality Traits
Make sure you have aligned your brand's personality with the way your customers see you make sure your brand is personable and relatable.
4 . Brand story
You can tell your story more effectively when you know who you are and where you are coming from.
5 . Brand Associates
There are lots of physical artifacts that makeup your brand that include the Logo, Name, Colour, Fonts, Image, Tagline, and more.